Bergamo e i suoi panorami mozzafiato

Bergamo and its breathtaking views

Bergamo and its breathtaking views

Now we discover Bergamo and its breathtaking views.

During this 2023 Bergamo and Brescia will be together to represent the Italian Capital of Culture.

An important title for a small city like Bergamo. Italian and foreign tourists from all over the world will come to Bergamo to discover its wonderful places. 

Our Hotel San Rocco, is located in Scanzorosciate, a small town just ten minutes away from Orio al Serio Airport (BGY) and also from Bergamo’s highway exit (A4).

Our Hotel is located in a strategic position and this is the reason why we decided to share an alternative itinerary to the usual ones proposed to visit Bergamo, in view of the initiatives planned throughout the year.

If you are planning a weekend away and if you are a lover of breathtaking views, now you are in the right place; we, the Hotel San Rocco staff, have thought an itinerary for you; an itinerary that allows you to discover five places in our city, where you can enjoy Bergamo and its breathtaking views.

Ready, set, GO!

Bergamo and its breathtaking views: Bergamo’s Rocca

Bergamo and its breathtaking views

We reach Piazza Mercato delle Scarpe via the funicular railway that you take at the foot of the Venetian Walls . 

Here we obviously have an Italian coffee!

And now we start our itinerary. 

We arrive at the Colle di Sant’Eufemia, one of the seven hills of Bergamo, on which Bergamo’s Rocca stands. 

The Bergamo’s Rocca is the place of the heart for the people who live in Bergamo, a fortress that dates back to the fourteenth century and, then, expanded under the Venetian domination with new defensive walls to protect the building and a new imposing tower that symbolizes its importance.

In the twentieth century, Bergamo’s Rocca became property of the municipality of Bergamo and, after an important restoration which brought it back to its original beauty, in 2004 the Bergamo’s Rocca became the location of the Historical Museum of Bergamo.

But that’s not all!

Bergamo’s Rocca is known, yes, as the Historical Museum of the city and fourteenth-century fortress, but, today, is frequented by many people from Bergamo and tourists that want to admire the breathtaking 360° view. 

On one side the view over the roofs of Città Alta and the Orobic Pre-Alps, and on the other side the view over the Bergamo valleys up to, in the sunniest days, the metropolis of Milan.  

Porta San Giacomo: the breathtaking view of the lower city

Bergamo and its breathtaking viewsLet’s continue with our walking and arrive at Porta San Giacomo, one of the four gateways to the city of Bergamo.

During the Venetian domination, Porta San Giacomo was the entrance to the city for those coming from Milan and, everyday at 10 pm when the bell tower struck its 100 chimes to symbolize curfew, would be closed.

The Porta San Giacomo is built of white Zandobbio marble. For this reason, it is clearly visible from the lower city of Bergamo and stands out from the rest of the near wall fortification. 

Today, Porta San Giacomo is the only Bergamo’s gateways that can be crossed only on foot. 

The Porta San Giacomo is a symbol of Venetian domination over Bergamo and for this reason there is a lion depicted on the facade, the San Marco lion.

From inside the Venetian walls, watching through the gateway, the view is amazing. A special Bergamo’s breathtaking view.

Bergamo and its breathtaking view: Venetian walls

Bergamo and its breathtaking viewsWe now continue along the Via alle Mura towards Colle Aperto.

On the left, before arriving at the La Marianna Bar, another wonderful view is attending us.  

We are in San Giovanni Park, an outdoor park located between the walls and the street, where people from Bergamo do jogging and fitness exercises.

San Giovanni Park is a wonderful place where you can enjoy a sense of freedom while looking at the horizon and where you can admire the amazing beauty of the Venetian walls.    

Borgo Canale: a travel through time

And now we go out from the old town and from the Venetian walls by crossing Porta Sant’Alessandro, another gateway of Bergamo

Just outside the walls there is Borgo Canale, which extends from Porta Sant’Alessandro to the lower city.

Borgo Canale is a small hamlet very peaceful, due to its location, out of the city center. 

Here it seems that the time has never passed. So much so that walking through the hamlet, you will think you were in the past, at the time of Gaetano Donizetti. Small street of cobblestones, artisan workshop and smell of typical cooking inebriate the air.

An amazing atmosphere which, during the years, inspired many artists for their works, and this is the reason why this hamlet is called Artists Hamlet.

First among all Gaetano Donizetti, one of the most popular Italian composers. He was born and grew up in Borgo Canale and now is the symbol of the hamlet.

But he is not the only artist inspired by this amazing atmosphere, also the cellist Alfredo Piatti, the painter Paolo Vincenzo Bonomini and the organ builders Bossi.

Where were we? Oh yes, Bergamo and its breathtaking views!

Borgo Canale has two panoramic points: one on Bergamo’s plain and one on the roofs of the city where you can find towers, domes and bell towers. 

Bergamo and its breathtaking view: San Vigilio by candlelight

Let’s continue our panoramic itinerary: we take the funicular to San Vigilio, the highest point of the city.

A strategic point for the city, where the San Vigilio castle stands out in all its grandeur (although it does not have the appearance of a real medieval castle with drawbridges and arched entrances).

From here, rulers could control the entire area and detect any enemy attacks.

Its position out of the city center allows tourists to have a relaxing time.

Not only for tourists, but also the people of Bergamo consider San Vigilio as a peaceful place, perfect to  become estranged and the breathtaking view is an excellent ally to achieve the goal. 

From the castle we go down, we come back to the funicular. Here we will find a wonderful restaurant, the Baretto of San Vigilio, where having an aperitif or a romantic dinner with view. From Brembana Valley to Orobic Pre-Alps, from Po Valley to the entire city of Bergamo with its street and stately villas. 


If this itinerary has caught your interest, don’t think about it! Book your trip and your room with us at the Hotel San Rocco just 15 minutes from all these beauties!

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