Dalla Rocca ad Astino, passando per il Viale delle Mura, San Vigilio e la scaletta dello Scorlazzone: i luoghi più “instagrammabili” di Bergamo

Bergamo for Instagram addicts

Bergamo for Instagram addicts

Bergamo for Instagram addicts
Bergamo for Instagram addicts

Now we discover Bergamo for Instagram addicts.

During this 2023 Bergamo and Brescia will be together representing the Italian Capital of Culture.

An important title for a small city like Bergamo. Italian and foreign tourists from all over the world will come to Bergamo to discover its wonderful places. 

Our Hotel San Rocco, is located in Scanzorosciate, a small town just ten minutes away from Orio al Serio Airport (BGY) and also from Bergamo highway exit (A4).

Our Hotel is located in a strategic position and this is the reason why we decided to share an alternative itinerary to the usual ones proposed to visit Bergamo, in view of the initiatives planned throughout the year.

If you are planning a weekend away and if you need an Instagram feed upgrade, now you are in the right place; we, the Hotel San Rocco staff, have thought of an itinerary for you; an itinerary that allows you to discover the best places of our city for Instagram addicts.

This is Bergamo for Instagram addicts

Ready to GO!

Brunch in Bergamo for Instagram addicts at “California Bakery” 

In an “Instagram Tour”, the american brunch is a must and the California Bakery Cafè is the right place to have it!

Very close to the funicular arrival station in Città Alta, the California Bakery Cafè is the right place for a wonderful brunch which fits well with the perfection of your Instagram feed.

Delicious foods, totally homemade and organic, pancakes, bagels and burgers, all this in a suggestive setting with a view of the Lower City of Bergamo

The breathtaking view from the Rocca di Bergamo 

Guida turistica di Bergamo La Margì la Rocca

Let’s start our tour! 

We arrive at the Colle di Sant’Eufemia, one of the seven hills of Bergamo, on which Bergamo’s Rocca stands. 

The Bergamo’s Rocca is the place of the heart for the people who live in Bergamo, a fortress that dates back to the fourteenth century and, then, expanded under the Venetian domination with new defensive walls to protect the building and a new imposing tower that symbolizes its importance.

In the twentieth century, Bergamo’s Rocca became property of the Bergamo’s municipality and, after an important restoration which brought it back to its original beauty, in 2004 the Bergamo’s Rocca became the location of the Historical Museum of Bergamo.

But that’s not all!

Bergamo’s Rocca is known, yes, as the Historical Museum of the city and fourteenth-century fortress, but, today, is crowded by many people from Bergamo and tourists that want to admire the breathtaking 360° view. 

On one side the view over the roofs of Città Alta and the Orobic Pre-Alps, and on the other side the view over the Bergamo valleys up to, in the sunniest days, the metropolis of Milan. 

Here we take a few minutes to take amazing panoramic pics for our Instagram feed

Bergamo for Instagram addicts: ivy sculptures 

Let’s come back to our loved Venetian walls.

Here, a stop here certainly can not be missed (also to take a breather) and we choose the surroundings of Palazzo Trussardi. 

Here, two sculptures with climbing ivy were created on the walls of the building, a heart and a swan. 

These two works make the area very “instagrammable”, perfect for our “Bergamo for Instagram addicts” tour. 

Someone tells that the heart and the ivy swan were realized for a wedding in Palazzo Trussardi, and since that, the Trussardi family take care of them. 

Porta San Giacomo: the breathtaking view of Bergamo for Instagram addicts

Let’s continue with our walking itinerary along the Venetian walls and we arrive at Porta San Giacomo, one of the four gateways to the city of Bergamo.

During the Venetian domination, Porta San Giacomo was the entrance to the city for those coming from Milan and, everyday at 10 pm when the bell tower struck its 100 chimes as a sign of curfew, was closed.

The Porta San Giacomo is made of white Zandobbio marble. For this reason, it is very loved by Instagram addicts, it is clearly visible from the lower city of Bergamo and stands out from the rest of the near wall fortification. 

The Porta San Giacomo is a symbol of Venetian domination over Bergamo and for this reason it has a wonderful view of the Lower City of Bergamo and the distant metropolis of Milan.

From inside the Venetian walls, watching through the gateway, the view is amazing. A special Bergamo breathtaking view.

This is Bergamo for Instagram addicts, let’s take a pic!

Baretto of San Vigilio, a TOP experience for your instagram feed

We walk the entire route along the Venetian walls until we arrive in Colle Aperto

Here we take the funicular to San Vigilio hill, the highest point of Bergamo.

On the left of the funicular station there is a wonderful place: the Baretto di San Vigilio, a historic bar and restaurant in the city that has been open since 1968 under the same management. 

The interior of the place is reminiscent of an old French cafè full of charm and amazing details.

The outdoor area can not be described, it is simply unique. A terrace overlooking the Lower City of Bergamo, with the Orobic Pre-Alps in the background.

From this place, it is possible to admire this breathtaking view in every month of the year: in the summer season under the shade of the flowering lime trees and in the winter season pampered by the warmth of the bonfire and of the plaids available to customers.   

Some pics of this location and of the amazing view would make your Instagram feed shine.

Scorlazzone stair, a must for “Bergamo for Instagram addicts”

Now we leave San Vigilio hill along the Scorlazzone stair, a stair of 162 steep steps.

The Scorlazzone stair is a tiring route but it allows you to admire unique beauties and it allows you to enjoy moments of peace.

In fact, it is not a busy street.

The Scorlazzone stair starts in Via San Vigilio and ends in Via Sudorno.

We take a picture immediately at the entrance to the road, where the high walls that delimit the stair thin out allowing for a wonderful view: on one side the view of the upper city of Bergamo and, on the other side, the view of the Astino Valley.

We walk the entire length of the stair, admiring its ancient beauty: a cobblestone stair bordered by the high walls of the stately villas. 

At the end of the stair we are in Via Sudorno where there is the old well.

The old well in the foreground and the Scorlazzone stair in the background, what a wonderful pic!

Another spot for Bergamo for Instagram addicts: Astino Monastery

From Via Sudorno, it’s time to reach Astino Valley with its Astino Monastery.

A monastery that dates back to 1070 and which has undergone expansions and modifications over the years.

After years of decline, recovery works began in 2007 under the direction of the MIA Foundation and in 2015 it was reopened to the public. 

Since the reopening of the Astino Monastery in 2015 the use of the monastery has been changed. Today, in fact, it is a summer place with cooking service crowded by young people from Bergamo and the province. 

Inside, a more refined and isolated restaurant has been inserted in the cloister, which goes well with the peaceful atmosphere of the place.

What has never changed from 1070 to today is the extremely quiet position of the monastery. It is, in fact, surrounded by woods and vineyards.

An extremely suggestive place to take pictures for your Instagram feed. 

And now, Vittorio Veneto Square in Christmas time

If your idea is to travel to Bergamo during the Christmas time, you can’t lose our Vittorio Veneto Square. 

Here, during the Christmas time, Vittorio Veneto square is populated by stands and the Old Carousel.

Because having the Old Carousel in Vittorio Veneto Square has been a decades-old tradition for us in Bergamo. Adults and children are in love with it.

The fully lit avenue, the stalls on both sides of the road, the Christmas music, the scent of roasted chestnuts and pancakes give Bergamo residents and tourists a special and unique atmosphere.

If this itinerary seems interesting to you, don’t think about it! Book your trip and your room with us at the Hotel San Rocco just 15 minutes from all these beauties!

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